Hats and Mimosas: Charleston Wine and Food Weekend Wrap Up

Oh, my did we have an amazing time this past weekend at the Charleston Wine and Food Weekend!  Charleston knows how to put on a party and she put her best foot forward with a weekend long celebration with some of the top chefs of the South.  The food was to die for (even though the weather was a bit cranky at some times).  In case you did not know, this was the 13th year of the CW+F weekend.  Proceeds go to the local economy with scholarships, internships, fellowships and many other ways to help the local foodways of the area.  So, you can eat and drink up and know you are doing it for a good cause!

Hominy Grill, Jeni's and Ravenel's

Hominy Grill, Jeni's and Ravenel's

We only went to Charleston for Friday night, Saturday and left after the brunch (more about that later) but I was able to get some of my tried and true favorites that I never miss when visiting the place of my birth.  Of course, I had to stop by Hominy Grill and get the Charleston Nasty biscuit.  And Ravenel's Seafood shop always has a place in my heart with their fresh steamed garlic shrimp.  On Friday night I had a pepper and onion hamburger steak at my aunt's house because no matter what she has to cook something amazing when we come to visit.  And I have 4 words for you...Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream!  That woman is a master of flavors.  I don't know how she comes up with her combos but I am never disappointed.  I had the wildberry lavender (tastes like Fruity Peebles), ricotta toast w/ red berry geranium, lemon buttermilk yogurt (my fav!) and goat cheese with cherries (my fav fav!).  Mom decided on the pear Reisling sorbet.  SWOON x 1000!


But the main event that I could not wait for was the Harlem + Hominy brunch that we attended on Sunday at Ashley Hall School.  The grounds are in downtown Charleston and are beautiful.  There were Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bars as well as a full bar of delicious drinks.  I had a sparkling blood orange and vodka that hit the spot.  There was a afro funk band that was belting out Al Green, Prince, Rick James and Whitney Houston.  My mom had a ball singing with the band.  And the food!  OHH EMM GEE (for lack of a better word/acronym)!  Chicken biscuits with bourbon glaze, ox tails with Anson Mills grits, mini waffles topped w/chicken liver mousse, red velvet trifles, fried plantains topped with shot ribs and pimento cheese, duck hash and so much more!  There were over 20 stations with food and we were stuffed and happy! 


Smoked Catfish cake and a Duck Hash with green garlic aioli.

Smoked Catfish cake and a Duck Hash with green garlic aioli.

Welcome sign on King Street, Mom and I with our snazzy hats, Ox Tails and Anson Mills Grits

Welcome sign on King Street, Mom and I with our snazzy hats, Ox Tails and Anson Mills Grits

On The Battery!  Cannot wait for next year.  Mark your calendars March 6-9, 2019!

On The Battery!  Cannot wait for next year.  Mark your calendars March 6-9, 2019!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  I cannot wait for the day when I am able to get an all access pass to all of the events!  Let me know about some of your favorite places to eat in Charleston.  And, don't forget that Delish Destinations would be happy to help you plan a Charleston foodie adventure! 



Voodoo in Denver, CO


So, I just got back from a couple of days in Denver, Colorado.  Let me tell you, as a Southern girl in me KNOWS that my winter clothes are purely ornamental.  Yes, I may be wearing boots and a scarf but the do NOT keep out the cold AT ALL.  They look cute but stop nothing.  But, Denver, the nice accommodating city it is gave me wonderful weather.  It snowed as I was leaving and was absolutely beautiful.  So beautiful, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures!

The food was amazing.  I had burgers, pizza (some of the best ever), Mexican, Cuban and FINALLY a Voodoo Donut.  Here is a quick write up about my delish destination.

Stout Street Social

400 Stout Street

I had a great burger and my friend Valerie had some yummy fish and chips.  We had traveled all day and just wanted something and would have been happy with anything so we were surprised to get a pretty good meal.



2500 Larimer St #100

I was beyond bummed that we missed the Happy Hour.  Why, you ask?  They have Prosecco on tap. ON. TAP.  But, my bumminess (is that a word?) soon went away as we entered this little restaurant that is in a storage container.  Yes, a storage container.  The people we so nice.  Denver sort of reminds me of the South but much more laid back.  We had a charcuterie board, marinated olives, the white pizza (mozzarella and smoked ricotta) and the peppers pizza (pepperoni and Calabrian chiles).  FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.  The smoked ricotta was perfectly creamy and worked well with the drizzle of olive oil.  And dessert was chocolate mousse with chopped apples.  My drink of choice was a Lillet Rose (Lillet and Prosecco).

La Loma

1801 Broadway

After a long day we felt like some Mexican food.  There is something about a big ole margarita that makes the day seem so much better.  I am not one for hot (as in spicy) food but even though the salsa was hotter than I eat the taste was so good so I kept nibbling (even if a bit slowly).  I loved the copper table tops!

Voodoo Doughnuts

1520 East Colfax Avenue

Okay, I LOVE this place.  I have friends in Portland who said that I had to try the donuts.  Our Lyft driver had a box of them in his front seat.  If you don't go for the delish donuts, the cheeky bumper stickers and boxes (good things come in pink boxes) at least go for the velour picture of Foxy Brown.  I had the original vodoo and it was ahhh-mazing.  A soft, fluffy, yeast donut filled with raspberry and iced chocolate.  The best part is the pretzel stake through its heart!