Voodoo in Denver, CO


So, I just got back from a couple of days in Denver, Colorado.  Let me tell you, as a Southern girl in me KNOWS that my winter clothes are purely ornamental.  Yes, I may be wearing boots and a scarf but the do NOT keep out the cold AT ALL.  They look cute but stop nothing.  But, Denver, the nice accommodating city it is gave me wonderful weather.  It snowed as I was leaving and was absolutely beautiful.  So beautiful, in fact, that I forgot to take pictures!

The food was amazing.  I had burgers, pizza (some of the best ever), Mexican, Cuban and FINALLY a Voodoo Donut.  Here is a quick write up about my delish destination.

Stout Street Social

400 Stout Street

I had a great burger and my friend Valerie had some yummy fish and chips.  We had traveled all day and just wanted something and would have been happy with anything so we were surprised to get a pretty good meal.



2500 Larimer St #100

I was beyond bummed that we missed the Happy Hour.  Why, you ask?  They have Prosecco on tap. ON. TAP.  But, my bumminess (is that a word?) soon went away as we entered this little restaurant that is in a storage container.  Yes, a storage container.  The people we so nice.  Denver sort of reminds me of the South but much more laid back.  We had a charcuterie board, marinated olives, the white pizza (mozzarella and smoked ricotta) and the peppers pizza (pepperoni and Calabrian chiles).  FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.  The smoked ricotta was perfectly creamy and worked well with the drizzle of olive oil.  And dessert was chocolate mousse with chopped apples.  My drink of choice was a Lillet Rose (Lillet and Prosecco).

La Loma

1801 Broadway

After a long day we felt like some Mexican food.  There is something about a big ole margarita that makes the day seem so much better.  I am not one for hot (as in spicy) food but even though the salsa was hotter than I eat the taste was so good so I kept nibbling (even if a bit slowly).  I loved the copper table tops!

Voodoo Doughnuts

1520 East Colfax Avenue

Okay, I LOVE this place.  I have friends in Portland who said that I had to try the donuts.  Our Lyft driver had a box of them in his front seat.  If you don't go for the delish donuts, the cheeky bumper stickers and boxes (good things come in pink boxes) at least go for the velour picture of Foxy Brown.  I had the original vodoo and it was ahhh-mazing.  A soft, fluffy, yeast donut filled with raspberry and iced chocolate.  The best part is the pretzel stake through its heart!